Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Hey There, Halloween

I'll start out by saying I'm not huge on Halloween. I don't like gore, I don't like being scared, and despite my theatre background, I don't really love costumes (I hate masks). But we live in a neighborhood with a lot of young families, and I was feeling a little inspired this year. Besides, I do love candy, and decorating, and I especially love rocking a good theme! Halloween's not all bad, I guess :) 

We have a great lawn for Halloween decorations, as it turns out. I had this idea in my head that included tombstones and a skeleton coming up out of the ground, but of course, it's only a few days until Halloween, so I knew selections would be limited at the party stores. After striking out all over town, I decided to swing by Walgreens on the off chance they had some scraps left. I figured it would be all Christmas there, but maybe there would be a few things I could use? Turns out, Walgreens is THE BOMB for last-minute Halloween shopping. I did have to scavenge a bit for the tombstones, but I had my pick of all sorts of things, and I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the execution! 

The lawn...spiderwebs, light-up tombstones, and a skeleton coming out of
the ground. Bingo. There are even motion-activated light-up/noise-making
eyes in the bushes, and giant spiders. The always-crooked bird bath seems
somehow more appropriate amidst all the graveyard stuff, no?
Welcome to the porch.
Beware the moving, noisy ghost at the top
of the stairs!
The window. The saggy-pumpkin-looking thing on the left
is actually a snake (why? not sure. it came in the pack.).
Jack-o-Lantern and orange lights to frame it all.
Oh, and an Obama poster. Because even though it's almost
Halloween, it's almost the election too.

I'm pretty stoked on our first big decoration! Next year, I'd like to get even more tombstones and maybe even some of those "popping out of the grave" zombie people, and make a whole graveyard. 

Have you decorated your house? What kinds of things do you have on the Halloween agenda? Are you watching Hocus Pocus?


  1. NICE! We don't have much of a lawn, and I don't usually put out candy for the kids, so no Halloween decorations over here...

  2. No trick or treaters in your neighborhood? :(

  3. plenty! but our doorbell is also nicely hidden so we don't get many visitors. :-) i probably won't even be home wednesday night.

  4. no halloween spirit in this house! :P

  5. Awesome! I especially like the always-crooked bird bath. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out, but its pretty awesome.

    We get zero trick-or-treaters (in the back of a hidden complex with our front door facing a wall), so we don't decorate for Halloween. Maybe we'll have a house on a street one day that I can get crazy and decorate.

  6. Why thank you!

    Yeah, I lived for 3 years in a neighborhood with no trick or treaters, and then we lived in a secured-access big ole condo building (no trick or treaters), so now that we're in a family-heavy neighborhood with a MASSIVE block party just down the street, I felt like we needed to step up our game.
    I'm hoping we get some foot traffic with all the people walking to the block party! We're also planning to head to the party for a while, since our friend lives on the street where it happens and it's quite a scene :)