Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jacob's Creek Wine

This post is long overdue, but I'm crossing things off my list as the year winds down, and I say it's better late than never!

Back in October, I was invited to a wine tasting dinner hosted by Jacob's Creek Winery (from Australia), held at Prospect, a delightful restaurant in San Francisco that I had never visited. The evening was a delightful culinary treat, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to taste such awesome food and wine.

Le menu
Le wine expert!
The tasting was in honor of their new Moscato, which is a bit sweet but quite lovely. And look! Fun facts about Moscato!
  • There are 13 hip hop artists who have Moscato in their lyrics (Drake is such a fan, he had a Moscato wine sponsor his 25th birthday*)
  • Real Housewife of Atlanta Nene Leakes just launched her own Moscato brand
  • 30% of Moscato drinkers are Millenials (hey! That's my generation!)
  • It is said that Moscato was served at King Midas' funeral (Moscato is Italian for muscat, one of the world's oldest grapes)
  • The word Moscato was tweeted 510,034 times in 2011.
Random, but kinda fun, no?

*I could not name a Drake song, and I don't know when he turned 25, but I hear his a big deal or something? Thought y'all might appreciate the info.

It seems I was drinking a little too heartily to photograph the wine, so please accept this photo from the Jacob's Creek website, so at least you can see the label (and better recognize it in the store!). I tried the Pinot Noir, the Chardonnay and the Dry Riesling, and enjoyed them all. The Riesling in particular - typically I find Riesling too sweet, but this one was quite nice. As was the Chardonnay (again, not too sweet). We had some champagne too...oh, all of it was tasty! I am getting the feeling that I am not so much a wine expert and could perhaps benefit from a class in wine tasting. Perhaps.

The kind folks over at Jacob's Creek have put together a little food and wine pairing guide as well, for you to sample this holiday season. I haven't found it in my local stores yet, but I'm hoping I will soon!

 Food and wine pairings, courtesy of Jacob's Creek:

  • Appetizers·         
    • Chilli Prawns: Best served with Jacob's Creek Moscato Rosé  
  • Classic & Unique Holiday Side Dishes 
    • Baked Ham with Cranberry Curry Glaze: Best served with Jacob's Creek Reserve Pinot Noir·          
  • Dessert·          
    • Strawberry FlanBest served with Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato Rosé·  

Thank you so much to Jacob's Creek for hosting this event and allowing me to have such hearty "tastes" of your wine!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received wine to sample and review, and the meal at Prospect, but otherwise received no compensation for this post. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.