Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, hi there.

Since it's BlogHer Conference Time (whoa I'm actually checked into my hotel and sitting on the cushy bed!), I thought I'd put up a little post for all you new blog friends out there. Before I'd even checked in to the hotel, I met 5 lovely women, and gave them all my card, and hopefully they'll come on over here, and well, I should probably have something to say. BlogHer is a time to meet new people and make new connections across the internet, in real life, and back across the here goes.

My name is Kim. I recently put up an About Me page. It has information. About me. Some of it might be interesting. All of it is true. I mostly write about everything. Sometimes gardening, sometimes organization, sometimes The Internets, sometimes knitting, and sometimes I just share things I think people might like. Sometimes I write things for other people, which is fun.

I'm super stoked to be attending my third BlogHer Conference, and I'm ready to take on Chicago, learn some new things, shake some hands, and bask in the warm friendly glow that comes from 5,000 ladybloggers* all being in one place at one time.

My day job happens to be for a company called Disqus (I run People Operations, which is like Human Resources), who happens to be sponsoring a session on Saturday at 2:30. I'm pretty excited about it. I will still be your friend if you don't come. But it should be awesome. I mean, the woman who created Cheeseburgher (my favorite party) is on the panel. Come on. Rockin'.

So if I gave you my card and you found your way here, awesome. I hope you like it here. If not, I won't be offended. You can just back away quietly and I'll never even know. If you do like it here, say hi! Leave a comment! Let's grab a drink or wander the expo or tweet awkwardly at each other. It'll be fun.


*and gentlemanbloggers


  1. Sweet About Me page, friend! Hope you're having a fantastico time at BlogHer! I'll have to go one of these years. :)

  2. Thanks, Alyssa! And YES you should. It's so much fun!

  3. YAAAAH!!!! :) Wish I could have gone to BlogHer will you gals!

  4. It's kind of odd with the conference center being a 10-ish minute drive from the hotel, but still BlogHerrific! I wonder where it'll be next year...

  5. Crossing fingers for west coast! :P

  6. Hi! We met in line at check-in and even if I wasn't one of the 'lovely women,' I'm going to pretend I was. :)

    I'm looking forward to checking out your posts - I already love the hiking box idea.

    I recently installed disqus on my blog and appreciate being able to respond to comments via email.

    Great meeting a fellow Bay Area resident!
    Tricia (

  7. Hi Tricia! Nice to meet you too! I hope you had fun at BlogHer :) I just got home and feel like I'll need a few days to fully recover...