Saturday, October 19, 2013


Today I hosted my semi-regular, ladies-only, we-only-sometimes-end-up-making-things event called Crafternoon (or Crafterdark as the case sometimes is). Admittedly, there was minimal crafting. But there was wine and food and cider and thematic decorating and movie watching. And, well, maybe I should just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies.
As good as they look.
A little more complicated than most recipes (thanks, Irvin)
that I usually make, but oh so very worth it.
Using the buffet for the first time since we
moved in...two years ago.
Better late than never! 
The spread in the living room...
And of course, cider (with bourbon) and wine.
We also decorated the front lawn for Halloween, and in keeping with the theme, watched both Teen Witch and Practical Magic. Although I had high hopes for organizing my craft cabinet and maybe even taking care of some sewing projects (fixing holes in socks counts as crafting, right?), sometimes Crafternoon goes the way of the wine and that's just the way it goes. No complaints here. Those brownies were delicious.
We actually did craft (sorta).
Sonja, showing off our lawn-stake ghosts.

Thanks, Sonja, Dina, Brenda, Dana, Andrea, and Reed (and baby Parker) for coming! Time to start planning A Very Special Holiday Crafternoon...


  1. Nice..............arrengment

  2. well my goodness it looks so spooky to me .....

  3. I dont know how all this came to be cause here I am over here in Tennessee , but , I;ll join in and hope I'm welcome ....

  4. Sorry I missed it! I was getting ready for our trip up to WA. :D Looks fun though!