Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Is Halloween

It's not too late to share Halloween pictures, is it? Good.

After the Nightmare in Elmwood, I was determined to have an awesome Halloween. And it was just the kind of low-key fun time I was hoping for. We had an awesome work party, with pumpkin carving, witches' brew, a costume contest, and lots of rad decorations...all dreamed up by my kick ass People Ops team. They really are the best. And bonus: I got to carve an extra pumpkin, which I took home to replace our stolen babies.

After work, our lovely friends Sonja and Jack came over and we headed down to the neighborhood block party. Now, this neighborhood goes pretty nuts...the street shuts down for several blocks, people do crazy displays and interactive walkthroughs in their yards, and it's estimated that we handed out 2,000 pieces of candy over the course of about 3 hours (the cops shut it all down around 9pm). The block party is family-friendly, and there was a wide range of costumed folks out there, from the babies that were almost too cute to look at to the teenagers we forced to explain their "costumes" in order to receive candy.

After the festivities, we headed back to our place for candy and youtube videos (Chromecast, thank you for working!) and seasonal beers. A fine mix while catching those last groups of trick-or-treaters. I tell ya, after reading this, I have a new place in my heart for the half-costumed teenagers. And what the heck, why not give out the last of the candy at 11pm?

Anyway, here are my photos from Disqusoween (work party) and Halloweevening (after work). I hope your Halloweens were fun and spooky and candy-filled and just as awesome as you wanted them to be.

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