Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superb Owl

We hosted a last-minute Super Bowl party, and you guys, I think I've figured this thing out. Turns out, if you have a party where all the guests are going to be sitting in one room watching something on the TV that you don't care about, you can spend the party cleaning, and then only have like 1.5 hours of cleaning to do when the party's over!

Ok, I realize that I sound pretty lame, and I'm probably angering feminists everywhere by admitting I spent the party in the kitchen. But honestly, I had so much fun hanging out in the kitchen and guest room, chatting with girlfriends and doing dishes. Tidying the living room and clearing trash as it accumulated, instead of waiting until the party was over, and bringing out more food when we ran low. And sure, I watched the game here and there. I caught the halftime show. I socialized. I held a baby. And then, by 8:45pm, I was on the couch with my feet up, catching up on Saturday Night Live all alone in my quiet apartment.

Yes, again, I realize that I sound really. super. cool. like. someone. you. totally. want. to. party. with.

But hey, I do throw a mean party. The food was killer, folks had a good time, and I even tried a new recipe for Sriracha hot wings (pictured, top row and left) that is a definite keeper. Will smoked ribs, and even though they took nearly 6 hours, they were worth it. Gorgeous, delicious baby back ribs.

I really need to take better photos.

Folks filed out at the end of the game around 6:45, Will left for his hockey game about half an hour later, and by 8:45, I was relaxing in the quiet, with furniture all put back in place, and dishes done. Usually, it takes us a few days to recover from a party, so this was hands-down the fastest post-party turnaround ever. I love throwing parties, and I consider myself a damn good host, but there's something peaceful about having the house back in order before you go back to work on Monday. 

Someone (besides my mom, who I know feels the same way) please validate these feelings and make me feel like I'm not the only one who would be so thrilled about this. 


  1. Haha, I always clean throughout the party. By the time everyone leaves cleaning always sounds like the worst idea ever, so I clean while I have the energy - and luckily our house is pretty open so I still feel like I'm part of the party while I'm cleaning up.

  2. Exactly! Who wants to clean when the party's over (except in the first hour when you're still high on adrenaline)? Our kitchen isn't really open to the rest of the house, but I don't even think most people noticed that I wasn't in the living room with the game :) Plus, our guest room is a nice place for quieter hanging out, so it was almost like a 2nd party in the back of the house!

  3. i just imagine being told to clean at the later stages of that sauce!

  4. wow great post ps.boy that chicken makes me hungry!

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  6. I am not sure about better photo part , that looks rather tasty :)

  7. Your food photos look fine, but your comment about your food photos made me think of Martha Stewart. Have you seen the crazy-awful-hilarious photos she's been posting on Twitter etc.? It's a whole internet thing now. You could be a part of it by taking intentional bad food photos! :)

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