Sunday, May 25, 2014

YoCP: The Big Closet

It's May, and Jolie and the Dust Bunnies are on to purging winter clothes. My #YoCP May focus was on The Big Closet. See, we have this closet. It's big. Like, approximately 42 square feet. I don't mean to brag, but dang, it's a closet. And it has so much potential. But it had gotten a little bit out of control. There was too much being stored, and stored inefficiently, making it hard to find anything - including floorspace to walk on. But friends, oh friends. I have prevailed. I spent about 15 hours over the course of the weekend taking everything out and putting it all back in again. And getting rid of a giant black trash bag full of clothing and whatnot. And

I think we have a coat-hoarding problem.
And enough hats to outfit a baseball team.
And enough jerseys to run a hockey league.
There was a lot of stuff in that closet, man.
The hockey gear corner (before). Holy mess. 
The hockey gear corner (after). Neat & Tidy.
I'm particularly impressed with my hockey
stick holder - a repurposed toilet paper holder.
Better view of the hockey stick holder, plus
the ironing situation and giant post-it boards.
The other wall - organized sporting gear,
scarf holder, and clutches. Also contains
the "future gifts" box (and our ski gear
duffel sits on top of it, not pictured).
View of the wall behind the coat rack - we
have a lot of bags. They hang on the wall.
Camping gear and my childhood dollhouse
now fit snugly in the corner under the stairs.
The plastic cart on the left is hardware/tools
and the right is all hats. Yep. Hats.
The closest I could get to a shot of the whole
closet. Sleeping bags and hiking backpacks
hang from a hook on the left there.
Out of the shot on the left side is the stuff
pictured above (hockey, camping, etc).

So yeah. This was A Project. And it's pretty much done. Last step is the wrapping paper...but that'll get its own blog post because because. I'm impressed with myself, and I really enjoyed taking a whole weekend to tackle something in the house. I needed to fix the scarf holder (one of the Command hooks holding it up just plain fell off the wall -- the hook was strong enough but the years-old paint wasn't!) and what would have seemed like an insurmountable task was super speedy. Because the hammer and nails were so easy to get to, the repair only took about 2 minutes. 

You may my excitement over such little things (Will certainly does), but having things organized and easily accessible makes me feel good. It's more efficient, and it looks nicer too. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Have you tackled any home projects lately? Anything in your house that's just driving you nuts?


  1. It looks amazing! Try taking a panorama picture!

  2. I don't have the panorama setting on my phone :(

  3. JennyMuchAdoAboutKitchensMay 27, 2014 at 8:29 AM

    Looks like you really made good use of the space. Nice work!

  4. that is nice and enjoyable time for this amazing picture

  5. First of all, congratulations on a job well done. As is the case with so many people I know, I am really great at procrastinating; I can pass by things in my own home which look pretty much like your pictures a thousand times or more. Each time I'll think that I'd better take care of it. If I live long enough I probably will at some point. The other problem I have is that I'm a "baby boomer," not that that's an excuse for anything. However, being that my parents both grew up during the "Great Depression" (although I'm still not sure what was so great about it) they had a tendency to save things. I heard the expression "This may come to use" about a gazillion times growing up. The result is that I always hesitate to get rid of things. Anyway, congratulations once again!

  6. I had the exact same thought this weekend -- "I might need it later" is the though that's always on my mind (child of Boomers, I suppose) and saving everything is a habit I'm really trying to break. Right now I just want to get rid of everything (well, except that, and that, and that, and that...) and live a more minimal life. It's hard though. Very hard.

  7. Kristen N GilmoreJune 1, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    I have such a jealous. My tomatoes put forth fruit for about three weeks last year--it was cold and dark until August, and halfway through September more cold rainstorms blight blew in and destroyed the vines. I got about 100 cherry tomatoes, which sounds like a lot but isn't. They were delicious, though, and as usual, when they got sick I cried and vowed I'd never grow plants again. And as usual, I've got two young tomato plants outside and another 8 not yet ready to go in the ground (I'll thin for the strongest--I don't need 10!) under the skylight in the study. Anyway. Hope this finds you well.

  8. Ah, @Kristen N Gilmore, don't you miss California? :)

    Your growing season sounds tumultuous. Stay strong, my friend! Stay strong!

    We planted the new garden in May for my birthday, and it's starting to look pretty good. Nothing growing yet, but we planted a bunch and are planning on thinning as well (especially with the radishes, good lord). I should get a post up about that sometime...