Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Things That Are Currently Making Me Cry: Pregnancy Hormones Edition!

The author, after her third emotional breakdown
in roughly 12 hours. What is this mess?

All-night leg cramps

Indecisiveness about whether to hire a doula

The house being a mess

Being tired

Watching newborn babies being placed on mom's chest in childbirth class videos

Not having packed for a long weekend trip I leave on tomorrow

A friend reassuring me that she would come up for the birth I needed her

Not being in control of my emotions

Putting on underwear and pants

Worrying that my emotional roller coaster is a sign that I'm going to have PPD

Being tired

Failing to convince myself not to feel bad about waking up my husband when I flip over in bed for the millionth time

Not being happy about feeling the baby move because I just want to sleep

Seeing the sun come up

Feeling unprepared for a baby to come out of my vagina

Really nice people on the internet (ToastieSlack, I'm looking at you!)

Having 1700 pillow formations and none of them being comfortable

Recognizing that I often get anxious/emotional in these types of new/change situations but it still feeling totally new and overwhelming because HORMONES

Leg cramps

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