Friday, July 8, 2016

Garden. 2016.

In the midst of grief and pregnancy, we found time to plant this year's backyard vegetable garden. It's a little bit healing and a little bit exhausting, but overall, it's a nice tradition to carry on, and we're starting to reap the benefits of what we (literally) sowed already. 

I wasn't allowed to do much actual planting this year (pregnant women aren't supposed to dig in dirt, apparently, something to do with possible cat poop. which, definitely possible in our neighborhood), but I did get to project manage and photograph the day's events :)

Dina wields the mighty shovel
Aww babby got me a birthday cake!
Will plans marigolds. Good for bugs.
Team Seeds In Planter Box!
Jack built a fire
Sonja gracefully mulches the garden.
Snow peas and tomatoes and basil and more!
Teeny turnip seedlings starting to sprout!

This year, we planted:
Turnips - Carrots - Beets - Marigolds - Basil - 5 Tomatoes - Padrons - Jalapenos - 2 other Peppers - Purple Beans - Green Beans - Baby Bok Choy - Rainbow Chard - Arugula - Blueberries

And, ta-da, a recent harvest!
Lemons, blueberries, snow peas, arugula, rainbow chard

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