Monday, November 21, 2016

Olive the fun

Ok, that title was a pretty bad pun. I'll just blame mom brain and move on. I'm sorry.

This week, I was invited to attend a cooking class and dinner hosted by Lindsay Olives. I was able to bring a +1, and left my husband home with the baby while I enjoyed a night out on the town in San Francisco...the first time I've gone for a night out with a friend since she was born! Woo hoo, livin large and home by 10!

The event was seriously fun, and I ate so many olives. I mean so many. So. Many. Olives. I love olives. Black ones, green ones, stuffed ones...ever since I was a little girl sticking black olives on my fingers at Sunday brunch at my grandparents' house, I've been fond of these low-calorie, high-sodium delights.

This particular event was to promote their new "Party Picks" - pre-skewered olives, ready for a martini or charcuterie tray. They come in a ton of different varieties from olive stuffed to spicy to "vegetable" (aka onion and pickle), and they are quite convenient in addition to being tasty. Lindsay Olives didn't ask me to write a blog post covering the event, but it was so fun and their team did such a great job, and the olives were so good that I thought I'd share.
Dina selects an olive skewer for her martini 
The "antipasto caesar salad" we made.
It was very good.
Smoked salmon spread on toast.
This might have been my favorite recipe.

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