Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain...etc.

I must admit, I do love the rain. I especially love it when I can stay home and get all cozy in front of the fireplace (or at least I would if our fireplace was in any sort of usable condition), and I especially love it when I have a new pair of boots to keep my feet dry, and an umbrella that isn't broken. Such is the case this fine Thursday morning. It's gray and wet outside, and I got to work at 9:25, and I'm going to be here until 11pm, but I am in quite the good mood. Thank you, new boots/umbrella/messenger bag!

I have big, beautiful, blogtastic ideas for this here blog-o-mine, but as it is only Day Two, I don't feel too bad about not having uploaded all of my photos and jazzing up my profile and filling pages with glorious information (labeled, of course) about all sorts of hodgepodgey things. It will happen. Don't you worry.

For now, I leave you with the oh-so-interesting knowledge that tonight may be the night I try blocking. oooooh. For those non-knitters, blocking is a process in which you take the knit garment, stretch it to the desired size, pin it down, steam it, and let it sit overnight--the end result is (hopefully) a larger, better-shaped piece of knitwear. I'm trying it on a 2x2 rib scarf. Hey, I never claimed to be an adventurous knitter. Baby steps. More on this later...with pictures?

SuperSweetShoutout to Erin Messer, Jessie Gaskell, Reed Burton, and Crazy Aunt Purl (Laurie, whom I've never actually met or talked to...but her blog rocks!) for inspiring me to finally just do it already. Now I have a blog. Maybe you care, maybe not. Either way, I'm having fun. Enjoy! :)


  1. yay! welcome to the blogosphere from the former safety of myspace!

    1)you KNIT? when did this start?
    2)thanks for throwing me onto blogs of interest, now maybe people can find my site other than searching for zombies or porn, or zombie porn
    3)i am first to leave a comment...wootsauce!

  2. Kim, you did it! Congratulations and welcome! Two things:
    1) Your blog is lovely, Hubble.
    2) Your integrity and level-headedness are much needed out here in the 'sphere. Fight darkness with illumination, or as we so often used to say, "Fiat Lux."
    Much love!

  3. now i really do need to start a blog.

  4. I would even eat soggy food out of Kim's kitchen sink.