Thursday, February 22, 2007

Weather is Cool.

I just had to is suddenly* bright and sunny. The sky is blue, and while it is not warm, it certainly does not look like rain. What happened to the rain we were supposed to be experiencing for two days straight? Will it return? I do not know, but I do know that it is currently beautiful and sunny, and this is the second bipolar weather experience I've had in the last week. I must say though, I much prefer today's weather dichotomy to last week's "unbelievably gorgeous in the morning, sudden downpour right when I am leaving work" situation. I did take a lot of pictures that day though.

*while I say "suddenly," I cannot confirm the actual "suddenness" of said sunshine, as I was in my windowless office while this meteorologic shift occurred. It could have been gradual for all I know, with a lovely mist or drizzle before the clouds parted. I'd like to think a sudden gust of wind whisked the rain away (and apparently to LA--sorry, folks), leaving us with a crisp, cool, sunshiney day. Which I still cannot really enjoy because I am in my windowless, albeit "luxurious," office. Maybe we'll get a nice hailstorm tonight...though please, weathergods, wait until I get home.

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