Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Things That Annoy Me:
  • When an apartment listing posted on craigslist says it has a photo, but the photo is an image of the realtor's logo (cough cough, David+ Co. Realtors cough cough). Come on, you know that's not what we all expect when we select the option to only see listings with photos! Duh. I mean, really.
  • The fact that I can't stop looking at apartment listings on craigslist, even though I'm not going to move into a new place until August. That's 4 months away, people!
  • Not knowing.
  • Job hunting and apartment hunting, when I know I won't be able to start working or move in somewhere till August, which sounds very far away. Hopefully someone will love me and hire me and just save a job for me till then (yeah right). Or maybe I should just not really apply myself till May. Am I planning too far in advance? Who me?
Things That I Like:
  • Making lists. Bullet pointed lists in particular.
  • this article from It definitely was the sole inspiration for my Spend No Money budget, which will begin on April 1st. No April Fools here, folks. I'm really excited about the money I'll save by only buying what I absolutely need, with a tiny bit of leeway here and there, carefully budgeted at the beginning of the month. Also, my plan is to keep a (short) list of what I'm saving for as motivation. In this case, I'm saving for the first month's rent and security deposit on the apartment I'll move into, as well whatever furniture I can't find for free on craigslist. I know it's a lofty goal, and I probably won't save $2,000, but I've got about $400 saved right now, and it can only go up from there!
  • this article that Kirsten posted on myspace. The Creation Museum. Adam and Eve and Dinosaurs. The Grand Canyon and Noah's Ark. Disturbing.
  • Google. I'm trying not to put the google on a pedestal or anything, and I'm definitely not putting all my google eggs in one google basket, but the more I hear the more I love. Except for the bits people tell me about working 14 hour days and such. Which I for some reason refuse to believe until I hear it from google people. And I don't think I'd mind an hour commute if I were riding on a luxury shuttle, complete with wireless internet access and comfy leather seats. googlicious.
  • Trader Joe's. I miss you, TJs. It's been over a week since I've seen you (not counting when I accompanied my mom on Sunday). It's been over a week since I've bought my delicious Trader Joe's snacks. I'm feelin' it now, cause I'm about at the end of my food stash at the house...good thing I'm going home this weekend. And good thing I'm getting paid on Friday, so I can do my (not more than I need) stocking up next week! I can't wait till the TJs opens up on College. Oh man.
That's all for today, I think. Happy Wednesday.