Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just For Funsies

I just re-read my post from last night, and thought of two things.

  1. I am not a reality TV junkie. Ok, well maybe I am a little, but only on Monday nights. And if I'm feeling bad about myself or something--watching stupid pretty people does something for your ego, I'm telling you. Also, when I go on and on about the superficial drama that is somehow completely and totally engaging, please know that it is all in irony. Well, mostly. I'm not saying I'm all high and mighty and above this sort of thing, and it's not like I actually care if Spencer and Heidi move in together or not, but come on. These are my stories! I don't know if these reality soap operas (because come on, that's what they are) are any less embarrassing than, say, All My Children or Passions or something like that, but I do know that I love them for what they are. Escapism. Ego-boosting. Entertainment. Plus I like the fact that my friends back in LA party at the same places the silly girls on The Hills do. It makes me laugh. And I feel SO almost famous. Not.
  2. Did anyone besides me watch the Law and Order: SVU Master Class parody thing on SNL? It's the episode with Jake Gyllenhaal. It's amazing. I love Amy Poehler, and I love SVU. And it is awesome. I looked for it forever online, but silly old NBC took it off youtube. SO, when it was on TV the other night, I grabbed my digital camera and took a video of it. That's right. I now possess a (rather shoddy quality) copy of it. Recorded via digital camera video function from my TV. I am so cool.
  3. Unrelated: I'm still in JobSearch mode. And it's incredibly likely that I will not be ready to start work until the end of July. So...if you know of anything opening up around then, sweet. I'm hoping something works out with Google, but you never know. I never know. Nobody knows. Also, I'll be looking for a place to live (alone--no more roommates, please!) starting in August. Preferably in Berkeley. If you're moving out at the end of the summer, let me know. I'm looking for a studio/one bedroom around $700-800 a month.
  4. Another Unrelated: check out www.del.icio.us.com. It will change your life. Or maybe not, but I think it's cool.
Happy Tuesday, everyone. May your days be sunny and bright.


  1. I am like marco polo of the internets


    and if you want even more procrastination, check out


  2. That was more than two things!!!!!

    I agree whole heartedly about the escapism. As Forrester in "Finding Forrester" said about tabloids, "They are dessert".