Monday, March 26, 2007

Post #21! Finally Legal!

or something. What if my blog got special privileges for having 21 posts? Like, you're 21 posts old! If you get carded, you can still get into the Cool and Exclusive Blogger Club? Or drink Blogtails (cocktails for blogs)? Or...well I guess that's it.

Bec posted this story on facebook and it made me really happy. Especially that line about Law and Order. Especially if it's Special Victims Unit. Not so much "Regular" or "The Other One. " Those are just not as good. Don't even get me started. Does this mean I have no life?

I have a terrible sickness. It's a sickness for MTV (which, by the way, the M in MTV is way outdated. Where's the music these days?) reality shows. I am watching something called The Ex Factor right now. It's awful. Exes go to a resort for spa-things and bonding, while their current significant others spy on them (and apparently spend all day drinking), watching as they rekindle their relationship. Basically, the point of the show is to get ex girl/boyfriends to cheat on their current girl/boyfriends. Oh, and the current significant others can totally hook up with each other, since they're watching their lovahs hook up. Until they can't take watching being cheated on on their closed circuit TVs anymore and they turn it off so they can hook up. Oh, and everyone is drunk the whole time. In the end, hopefully the exes get back together, and the newly brokenhearted hook up with each other. And everyone is good and hungover. And kind of sad. And dripping with cliches. A good idea for a show, right?

But the quote of the night comes from The Hills, when Heidi tells Spencer she doesn't want to move in with him: "Well, my answer is no." "Well, my answer is get out of my car." His reply is so stereotypical-LA-jerk-party-guy that it makes me embarrassed to be from LA. Well, not really, but Spencer is a jerk. And Heidi should just move in with him so she and Lauren will finally not be friends anymore because she always just screws Lauren over anyway, and she's better off without Heidi, I mean seriously.

Ok. That's over. My moment of stupid reality TV gossip is over. But honestly, fake LA people are so annoying.

Like, for reals.

For too many awesome things to even quote, check out this homestarrunner video that Taylor sent me. It's short, so watch the whole thing. It's so awesometown. No, not the Awesometown. Just awesometown. As in, it rules.

And I'm out.

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