Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th...oooh scary

Not so scary, this Friday the 13th.

Things of note:
  1. Another newspaper article about my mom, this time with a picture! To see the first one, click here. For those not in the know, my mom recently received an award and grant (with the highest possible score!) for her outstanding developmental kindergarten program. She rocks.
  2. Today, we at Berkeley Rep said goodbye to Madelyn Mackie, our fabulous production manager. She's leaving the "reptiles" for a job with the Red Cross, something she's incredibly proud to be a part of--which she has made apparent by providing us with several earthquake/fire/emergency preparedness seminars. We had a lovely ice cream social, and we all went home a little early.
the one and only madelyn mackie
  1. I saw a surprisingly good production of The Cripple of Inishmaan tonight, presented by Berkeley's Wilde Irish Theatre. Read a review here--I also thought it was quite good. The room is tiny, and upon arriving, I thought it was going to be an amateur, community theatre type production, but I thought wrong. Martin McDonagh is fantastic on taking his audience on an emotional roller coaster (pardon the cliche) - you are literally taken by the twists and surprises throughout the entire play. Just when you think you know what you're feeling, or think "oh, well I figured out that twist," he surprises you again. Love him. And this production certainly did him justice.
  2. Last night, at a lovely little 2-person SnB at Espresso Roma, I (finally) learned how to pick up stitches and knit in the round (SO easy! I can't believe I was such a scaredy cat)! My brown bag is (finally) on its way to becoming a bag! It even looks bag-ish! For a moment, which sadly I did not photograph, it looked somewhat like a beret. I might make a beret. It might be ugly. I should have put the "beret" on my head and taken a picture. Not.
note the bag-like shape. pouchy! ah, bag, I remember when you were but a mere square...

note the lovely seam created by picking up stitches and beginning to knit in the round...

note the square-ish, bag-ish, totally 3D knitting! progress!

So you see, all in all, a rather un-freaky Friday the 13th. More posts soon...maybe more knitting? Eh? Eh?

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  1. oh good job with the bag! i told you it wasn't as scary as you thought... and you went to a s&b! i'm so jealous, you would not believe.