Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday String Beans

Everyone needs an emergency fund! Such a good idea! I know I've recently maintained some sort of emergency fund (which I used to call my "don't touch this cash" fund, which was locked up in a cash box), made up of spare cash...generally from babysitting at a time when I wasn't particularly strapped for cash.

Normally, I don't like Andrew Lloyd Webber. I think he's arrogant, and that he recycles his material, and relies on Cameron Mackintosh's advertising brilliance (or annoyance) to make his shows into the Huge Commercial Successes they unfortunately are. However, this interview/article about him and his opinions on Reality TV About Theatre is interesting. I'm a little confused, because it says he had nothing to do with the American version of Grease: You're The One That I Want, but he was definitely a guest judge. What's up with that? Also, he kind of looks like a bug. Just had to put it out there.

This makes me laugh. It's an article about young artists being too vague about their objectives. Also about joining the circus. Ah, the emerging pool of young artists, with artistic policies like "our artistic policy is to have no artistic policy," and other such noncommittal phrases. Are we (and I say we, because these people make up my artistic peer group) doing acid in 1969? "Yeah, man, it's so deep. We're revolutionaries...our policy is no policy...make love not war...and stuff." Come on. I'm all for experimentation and public street theatre (well, sometimes) and expressing your artistic selves, but sometimes you just need to meet with your co-directors/leaders/buddies, put your heads together, and come up with a non-generic, solid mission statement. Or purpose. Or goal. It's like these BS "objectives" people put on their resumes: "To gain employment with a company wherein I can utilize my skills while growing as an individual." Or whatever. But that's a whole 'nother rant for a different day.

I have been told to check out the Harbin Hot Springs. It sounds like fun. Yeah! Add it to my list of things to do in the Bay Area! Other lists I am creating: Engaged or Married (because I have far too many friends in this category); Almost Famous (because I have far too many friends who are starting to "make it" in the entertainment industry). Oy. In a good way. I guess.

In JobSearch2007-related news, I have a phone interview with Google on Wednesday morning. I just about squealed when I got the email about it. Movin' along in the application process...we'll see what happens!

Oh, and if you're thinking, "Monday String Beans? WTF, Kim?!" -- click here.

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