Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Ado About Much Things

Oh, man, I am just full of exciting stuff to share today!!! With no ado whatsoever:
  • The Cal Performances 07-08 season. There is so much dance I want to see, it's not even funny. I'm excited and jittery just thinking about it!!! Just a few of the things I want to see include: The Joffrey Ballet, Miami City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre (all doing Twyla Tharp pieces, and that latter two are doing Sinatra pieces), Mark Morris Dance Group's "The Hard Nut,"Garrison Keillor, State Ballet of Georgia's "Giselle," Alvin Ailey, Tchaikovsky Perm Ballet doing Natalia Makarova's "Swan Lake," and maybe the Peking Acrobats and Yo Yo Ma too? I need to start saving my money...but man, how exciting!
  • This article about Blue Door and the situation of general whiteness in theatres, social and political correctness, etc. that Jon Carroll (oh how I enjoy him) wrote in the Chronicle. I have very similar feelings to Mr. Carroll's, but he is far more articulate, so please, just read the article for yourself. It's good times. M-hm.
  • The Big Gay Sketch Show. Produced by Rosie O'Donnell and that woman who was the neighbor on Married...With Children, and some directors from Mad TV, this show appears to be exactly what it sounds like. Featuring gay and lesbian comedians and comediennes, and primarily LGBT-experience-themed sketches, it's sponsored by and appearing on LOGO television (the place for LGBT TV and more). They're calling it (no joke) "homo-fueled." Check it out? I watched sketch called "Pocket Gay Friend" that proved to be mildly, but not hilariously funny. Maybe others are funnier? When it comes to sketch comedy, I think there's a lot of mediocre stuff out there that is lauded as HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT, but that may just be me.
  • A neat little NY Times article about the new Pixar film. I'm excited about it. I'm excited for the Intern Pixar Tour on Thursday. I like Pixar. That is all.
  • Um, this Polish guy cut off his "manhood" in a French cafe in London called Zizzi (which apparently means "willy" in French--irony?). Just an impressive, if not disturbing story. Also, the photo of the "knife like one used in pizza diner by willy chop Pole" is kinda funny. Next we're gonna start seeing Dramatic Reenactments on YouTube. Hopefully not. Don't get any ideas, folks. Nobody wants to see that.
  • My buddy Jeff Wiesen is going to be playing Berger in Mountain Play's production of Hair this summer! Now, I was already planning on seeing it (Hair? On top of a mountain? Um, duh? How could I possibly pass up such a hippie experience?), but I am especially excited to see it knowing Jeff is in it!
  • There's an article in the SF Gate about a legless man who got around the city on a skateboard, who was hit and killed by a postal truck semi. I thought that it must be the same guy often seen around Berkeley, but it was not. Apparently, muses Lindsey Coates, skateboards are "the preferred method of transportation among the legless." Who knew? It's still sad, even if it's not the Berkeley Skateboarder.
  • A murderous elephant seal "running" rampant near the mouth of the Russian River!
  • Google has paired up with AIA to include architectural information and such in Google Earth "layers." For more information, watch this video or read this post.
  • You may or may not have noticed, but there are some additions to my favorite links on that little left sidebar over there...do check out my friend Brian's Pop Culture blog if you have any interest in entertaining entertainment news and commentary. Also, I've added the Google blog. I find it very interesting. You might too.
And that's all that's fit to print this Tuesday. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the plug! Now I have to actually try to be funny, which may or may not be successful. Can you take classes on being funny? I dunno...

    Speaking of not being funny, that Big Gay Sketch Comedy show sounds kinda lame. I'm interested to see if they will be able to come up with enough funny sketch ideas about gay stuff. Or a funny sketch period.

    So much awesome dance comin' your way, how exciting!! :) I would love to go see more dance stuff down here, but I feel like too much of my time is taken up seeing friends in really awful original shows.

    My friend Monica Burrowes is performing in Hair as well! I'll be seeing it on June 10, so if you haven't bought tickets yet, look into it! :)

  2. Pop Goes the Culture it is. Thanks for the idea! :)