Monday, April 23, 2007

Snarky and Organized

On this post-Earth Day Monday, I have learned a few things about myself. No, I'm not about to get all Dr. Phil/Oprah/[insert touchy feely talk show host here] on you, but there are just a couple of funny self-revelations I've come upon in the last few hours. What can I say, it's been a boring morning down at the literary office.

What I Learned About Me Today:
  1. I really like the word snarky. It's a great word. I use it a lot, and no, not because Dane Cook used it in a bit once. It's been in my vernacular long before Mr. Cook came along. Sometimes it's because I am being snarky (ie: "Ok, I know this is totally snarky, but that girl is an embarrassment onstage!"). Sometimes it's because I want to make clear my intentions (ie: "No, I really meant you could choose the movie. I wasn't being snarky."). Sometimes I just say it. Snarky. It's kind of like a shark, or a ninja, or a ninjashark. Anyone else see the connection? Just me? Whatever.
  2. I am an obsessive organizer. Now, this may not be news to everyone (or anyone) out there, and it's certainly not news to me, but it hit me over the head this morning. We received an email saying we were on our own to find rides for the Berkeley Rep Intern Pixar Tour this week, and I instantly shifted into Organizer Mode. Without thinking. It just happened. Immediately, I was sending out emails, reserving company vans, counting seat numbers, tallying passengers, thinking about double-buckling, and arranging the quickest and most efficient way to arrange pick-ups from various locations. This is what I do, people. I'm nothing if not organized. Mostly, I think this is a good thing. Sometimes, I think I get on people's nerves. I can't help it though...I am constantly thinking of the most efficient way to do things, and that (to me) always means the most organized way. And if there's Tupperware (or any clear plastic container, really) involved, all the better. I'm sure it's genetic., and I'm sure it manifests itself in other ways, like my always wanting to be in control of a situation at all times. But I'm trying to let it only take over one (or two) areas of my life. For example: I will always have Tupperware in my house. I will always have more bags, plastic bins, file folders, etc. than most normal people. I will always carry a daily planner. HOWEVER, I would like to be less Type A in other areas. For example: Taking a vacation that isn't planned to the minute. Going on a road trip with no mapped destinations. Not trying to analyze and plan in advance for every friendship, relationship, job opportunity, phone call, future plan, etc. Sound good? Yeah, it's a start.
That's all for this Monday of semi-self discovery. Oh, except for the fact that Crazy Aunt Purl wrote a book! Such good news.

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  1. no no no kimmy. you still plan every minute of the vacation, you just go along with whatever non scheduled opportunity presents itself.