Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sweet and Short

I had already titled a blog post "Short and Sweet," and lord knows I don't want to repeat myself...

Today has been wild and hectic, but I found time to read a few things online that made me laugh. Always important, I think. Crazy Aunt Purl has done it again, this time reporting on the life her cats lead when she's at work--which she discovered while at home sick yesterday. It is MUCH funnier than I made it sound. I laughed (out loud) several times. Jon Carroll is irritated with the system colleges use of employing students to be funding telemarketers. I have to agree...and I was almost (almost) one of them!

"Dye your hair all you want and get your cute little Botox injections. Truth is, you're just a pile of unrealized dreams wrapped in an easily sloughed mortal coil. And no amount of stolen time is going help you win the Nobel Prize or find a cure for cancer (unless, of course, you're some old person who is on her way to winning the Nobel Prize for curing cancer)." -Mayrav Saar

This wasn't funny, but I'm a sucker for good-sounding recipes, especially when they are combined with saving money! This one deals with reinventing your many jars of pasta sauce...


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