Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back In Action...and how!

I've returned from the Holy Land, and am getting back in the swing of things. Sort of. I have a feeling life is going to just be one big adrenaline rush for the next week or so. See, here's how it goes: Plane landed at 6am on Sunday. Laundry, food, shower, drove back to Berkeley. Got apartment keys. Monday was painting day. Painted a little more than half of my apartment in approximately 5.5 hours. Today I went back to work, faced with 150 emails...spent most of the day dealing with the 20 or so that were really important. Work tomorrow, paint tomorrow night. Work Thursday, paint Thursday night. Work from home on Friday to paint, make sure everything is clean and ready for the weekend (there's a company picnic on Friday anyway, so I won't be missing much. Except the picnic. Darnit.). Fly home Friday night to help load the U-haul. Drive U-haul with parents up to Berkeley Saturday morning. Unload U-haul and pick up rest of stuff from friends' basement storage Saturday evening and Sunday. Cable company comes on Sunday. The Boy also moves this weekend, possibly with the help of our U-haul.

Sound exhausting? A little. No jetlag to speak of yet though, so I'm hoping the adrenaline will just keep on keeping on until at least Monday or Tuesday next week. Then I can crash. Until then though, I have to push through or I simply won't make it. But make it I shall!

The paint is turning out pretty awesomely, a bright sea green on the living room walls with a gorgeous, buttery yellow for the window sills, doors and trim (and soon to be the beams as well). The kitchen is the same yellow, and while I was going to do the bedroom the same sea green, after seeing it on the walls, it's a bit too bright. Once I get home (in about 45 minutes; I'm on the shuttle right now), I'm taking what's left of the sea green (minus a little bit for touchups) back to Home Depot to see if they can make it a bit lighter...just add some white or something. Hopefully they won't charge me a fortune for it! It's kind of grown-up of me to have my own apartment that I'm painting how I want, I think. It's exciting, and I can't wait to be all moved in (despite the ridiculous cost of moving)!

I'll post a big Israel summary soon, probably after the Crazy Moving Spectacular, but I'll say this: that is a strong country with unbelievable history, and I'm proud to be connected to it.

The End.

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