Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday, Friday, Feelin Fine

Ok, so that's kind of a lame title, but I am feeling pretty good, if not a little (tiny bit) tired. This week has seen my brain (finally) catch up to my body, crash in a messload of anxiety, nervousness, stress, exhaustion, giddyness, among any other range of brain-emotion you can think of. Mostly it was the exhaustion and the stress. There were a few high-stress scheduling things at work, but nothing impossible, and I think that had I been well-rested and not in a state of brain-numbness, I wouldn't have taken them so hard. BUT that is not the point. The point is that it's FRIDAY and I just drank a glass of wine and ate chocolate covered strawberries and sat on a heated toilet and also ate cake and listened to Sergei and Larry discuss the last week at Google and this tradition of TGIF (a happy hour of sorts with food and drink and Sergei and Larry and Q&A and go team go!) is pretty darn excellent. While I don't love my job (ie: it's not my life's goal or passion or anything), I like it pretty well. And I do love my company. And my coworkers. And really, life could be a heck of a lot worse.

I thought to myself today, you know you're spoiled by Google when you sit on a toilet and are disappointed that the heated toilet seat seems to not be working. It's just a regular toilet seat. Oh darn. Before Google, I never even knew the joy of the heated toilet seat. It's such an absolutely ridiculous luxury. But gosh darn it, I love it.

Also, I never stop thinking how amazing the food is. Really, come visit me and I'll take you to lunch. It's just so good. And it's truly been helpful in this time when I've been moving and have had either no fridge or no food (or both) at home. I haven't had time to go to TJ's and stock up on dinnerfood items or baking goods or just little staples for the weekend or nighttime (or dinner time, because I do actually want to cook!), so for now I've been eating Googlefood, or eating out. I figure, since breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all free, I can afford to go out to dinner (or get takeout) while I'm moving. And it's nice. Mmmmm greasy thai food from Thai Basil. Mmmmm Steve's Korean BBQ. Mmmmm pizza that I didn't make. Not as healthy, but sometimes, it's just such a relief after a day of work and moving and all that to just pick up some food that someone else made and relax at home with a nice, hot meal.

So, the moral of the story is, I love this company. I'm currently writing this blog from my shuttle, taking some time to unwind on my way home. When I get home at 7pm, I'll be relaxed and will have taken care of email and blogging and reading other people's blogs and all that internet business that normally I'd have to do when I get home. And if I were getting home at 6pm like I used to, let's be honest, I would just be watching TV.

Have a great weekend! In the next edition: Low-Flow is a No-Go! Get me some water pressure!

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  1. you have heated toilet seats and free wine, i spent the morning cleaning broken glass and mouse droppings out of prop stemware. what different lives we lead.

    Actually, though, part of my morning was spent at the housing shared by one of our maestros and his gourmet chef partner--he made four different types of stuffed puff pastry and invited people over for breakfast and everything was amazingly fabulous, from the plum, almond, and marzipan croissant to the fresh fruit and coffee. i am full and happy.