Monday, August 27, 2007

List Failure, and That's Actually Ok.

Last week, I made the following list of weekend goals:
  • finish unpacking
  • clean apartment
  • take pictures of apartment
  • spruce up back porch
I accomplished none of those things. Well, that's not totally true. I cleaned my apartment. A little. A little little. I did put my papers/bills away and reorganize my file folders, which needed to be done. A lot of outdated stuff (Curves membership, UCLA things, old student loan papers) to shred and recycle. So there's that.

But I didn't actually clean.

And I didn't finish unpacking, and I didn't take pictures, and I didn't touch the back porch other than to water my basil plant.

But I'm ok with that. Why? How is this possible? I spent the weekend helping The Boy clean and organize his room. It really needed to be done, and he wanted my help. Because if there's one thing I'm good at, it's home organization. And I (freak that I am) actually enjoy it. We got about halfway done, and it's already a serious improvement! The room looks so much bigger, cleaner, and more spacious, and maybe I'm being a control freak (maybe?) but I think he'll like this having "a place for everything and everything is in its place" (does anyone else remember that song?) thing. I know I do. Maybe he'll let me post before and after pictures up here--I'd like to maybe have a little home organization side business, and it would be nice to have a portfolio of sorts.

Anyway, the other reason I'm ok with having totally failed my list? I can do it this weekend. This weekend is the Cal vs. Tennessee game, and The Boy will be at the game with his family. I will be keeping a safe distance until I know that A) Cal has won or B) it has been approximately 24-48 hours since the game. The emotional connection to sports is something I can never understand firsthand, but it is something I can respect and try to understand from the outside. And I even enjoy going to games now that I understand a bit of what's behind it (and how it's played. That helps.) -- I just know that on gameday, unless it's not one of the Important Ones, my Saturday will be less stressful if I let him do his thing. This weekend, that means I get to stay home organizing my apartment. And watch the game on TV if it's on.

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