Thursday, August 30, 2007

Small and Funny and Fine

Is this the most ridiculous bathing suit you've ever seen? It was in a sidebar ad on facebook the other day, and I just about peed my pants laughing. So odd. So very odd. Almost as odd as those full-body bathing suits I posted about a while back. I can't find the link to the post, because my little google search box isn't working very well (hmmm), but here's a link to the bathing suits. Quite a difference if you ask me. Oy.

I like this article from Real Simple about putting your pack rat qualities towards organizing--there's something I can really learn from!!

Today is a short day in blog posting, and that's about it for now. I'm borrowing a fancy camera from work so I can take nice pics of my apartment this weekend...score!


  1. Well, it's from American Apparel. Go figure!

  2. Yeah, isn't the arch cool? Do you still do a knitting in Berkeley thing?

  3. I haven't been knitting in Berkeley of late--since I started the new job I've still been getting settled. Plus, it's been so hot out, I haven't wanted to work on my scarf, or start any new projects really! Can't wait for that cooler weather!

  4. Oh, yeah...I know from what song the title of this blog comes. :)