Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Little List

It's been a long time since I've just posted a simple list of things I find interesting, so here goes:

  1. This list of high-protein foods. I have been trying to get more protein, and this is pretty helpful!
  2. A hilarious explanation of how the moon landings were faked.
  3. I really really really want to go on a weekend getaway to the Mendocino Vacation Cottages. It's expensive (for me anyway), but it just looks wonderful.
  4. A friend at work just sent me a link to Apartment Therapy, and I am now subscribed through Google Reader. I particularly like this entry.
  5. This book looks really interesting. Who wants to buy it for me?
Five for now, maybe more later. Maybe not.


  1. My dear Kim,
    How is life after college doing?
    I guess you got a good job. I am in Chile right know, doing fine.
    So you have mixed French with Spanish, well, that's all right, we used to be one language some centuries ago... you know...
    Best of lucks!!!
    PILAR (your TA, remember?... please remember... jaja)

  2. Hi Pilar--I don't know what you mean by mixing French and Spanish, but it's good to hear from you! Hope Chile is fantastic :)

  3. You have a very interesting list of items. I enjoyed them all! The protein list is interesting, since that is what I am doing. Trader Joe's has a pretty good chocolate protein shake.