Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wunna-Weeks! And More!

My old ComedySportz buddies Adam and Danny have this new weekly shorts website called Wunna-Weeks! It is great, and they are great, and you are great. Well, you would be great if you went to and checked it out. So go. But only if you want to be great. This week they feature an interview with fellow actlete and all around funny guy, Chris Tallman. And yes, he's great too.

There are some websites I've wanted to share for the last week, but work has been busy and I have been unmotivated to turn on the computer at night. So, here they are, in a brief moment of stillness at the Goog. Without further ado:
My left eye is getting a little twitchy; I think it's time for a break from the computer.

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  1. did you know that Google is building a campus near Charlotte NC? its about thirty miles from my house. Crazy. its still under construction but its nice to know that the modern world is introducing itself to my little corner of pseudo-civilization.