Sunday, September 30, 2007

Raw Video: San Diego Mayor Sanders Supports Gay Marriage


  1. man, that was not easy, for him or for me. He did the right thing, for the right reasons, but for some reason it hurt.

    I think this is an interesting time to be alive--this era's new growth toward social acceptance continues to surprise and delight me, one little step at a time. sometimes, among policymakers and public figures, in order for them to heed the winds of change they must blow open a door of their own home, but when they do their position becomes a matter of public scrutiny, and public influence. Mayor Sanders' recognition of the "separate but equal" stance of homosexuals made a particularly loud statement to a southerner, and i can only hope that this historical alignment is heard by other southerners who may slowly have a change of heart. Many around here will never change their stance--these are the same people who maintain their views of white supremacy and the subordinate place of women. There is no reasoning with these members of the culture and our best option is to attempt to educate their children and let the prejudice die off with their elderly. I don't expect these prejudices to be eradicated in my lifetime, but we're in on this action fairly early on (seeing the civil war was in the 1860's, and humans have been around for How long?) and it is exciting to watch our progress, at least in this country, toward human equality.

    sorry for the soapbox speech.

  2. This isn't re: this post but re: your comment on SJ. Real Simple is totally where I saw those two AmEx commercials - shut up! We are both so domestic and old.
    I LOVE that you had the same thought. I love you.