Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No, Really, Let's Go to the Mall.

Thank you to Melissa for introducing me to this video. Check out the rhyming. And the dancing. And the rapping. And everything about (aboot) it.

I wish I could have been in this video, and I know you do too (Jessie, I'm talking to you). If anyone wants to recreate it (and, um, finance said recreation), I'd be totally down.

Now stop reading this and watch this video!


  1. the robot is teh best part of the whole video. gosh i miss the 80's

  2. that hurt. what would really make it funny is if it was made in Norway, last week.

  3. i dont have a good response to this video, but i felt like i needed to say SOMETHING.

  4. happy birthday, Google. i hope they give you cake and champagne!