Friday, October 5, 2007

Change your name to Rainforest and start a hemp farm in the Netherlands

I've got some delightful links for you out there this morning. I've been saving some of them up all week, so they might be outdated, but here they are anyway. Enjoy!
  1. I got the title of this post from this article in by Mark Morford. Britney vs. Blackwater. You decide.
  2. Morford's other article from this week uses phrases like "mountains of pornographic produce" and "culinary orgasm." It's about Whole Foods.
  3. There is a teacher in NY that is making parents do homework. It actually sounds like a brilliant idea, and I hope it proves successful. Read the NY Times article here.
  4. Radiohead is so cool, they're practically GIVING AWAY their new album! If I was more cynical, I'd make a comment about how a pay-what-you-can record is like, the ultimate in trendy hipster behavior. But I'm not (I guess), so I'll just say that it's pretty rad of them.
  5. There's a fabulous thing going on in Oakland called the Urban Releaf program, where this group is planting free trees all over the city in an effort to make it a better place. Nature!
Happy Friday!

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