Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Street View: Six New Cities

We're Live!!!

This is my first 20% project at Google--the geo-marketing team was nice enough to let me act as a "creative consultant" on this video--I hope there will be more to come!

I think I've found a way to apply my literary management/dramaturgy background to Google...

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! Now YOU can download the mp3 of the song and make your own video response!!! For more information, go here (it's in the description to the right of the video).


  1. Nice work! Very entertaining indeed.

    Check out this list of the "alleged" Google Street View privacy invasions already discovered in the US:

    Google Street View

    There is even a Google Street View capture of a woman going in for an HIV test!

  2. how delightful. i showed my dad. my favorite scene's the one with the basketball.

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