Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things I Think

  1. I think it is interesting that when I am upset, anxious, or out of balance in general, I engage in Retail Therapy. Now, Retail Therapy is common among women (so it's not too interesting I guess), I'm told, but my particular form of this activity involves a one Bed, Bath and Beyond. It has also been known to involve the kitchen/tupperware aisle of Walgreens. Or baking supplies. Or other home-related things. I know a lot of women buy shoes or purses or clothes or makeup or jewelry etc etc etc...but buying an oven thermometer and a silicon baking mat are my comfort foods of shopping. There's just something about walking into that haven that is the floor-to-ceiling racks of kitchenware that brings me to a more peaceful place. Maybe I'll bake some cupcakes tonight.
  2. I think that eventually, someday, when I get married, I will have a simple wedding. Very, very simple. Of course, I say that now, right? Yesterday I helped with my friends' wedding, and it was just so crazy that I can't imagine going through that again. And it wasn't even a terribly elaborate event! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and the party was totally fun, but it sort of reminded me of being backstage at opening night...even once the curtain goes up, there are a million things to do! I was sort of acting as the P.A. of the day, carrying purses, glasses, makeup, shoes, shawls, programs, cameras, bobby pins, wine glasses...ushering people to the dining room, finding people for pictures, directing an RV to the freeway, decorating tables, not to mention the eating/drinking/dancing...whew! Oh, and did I mention that the bride's grandfather almost died during the brunch reception? All in all, it was a 19.5 hour, beautifully exhausting day. I'm glad I made the decision to go home and sleep in my own bed. It felt good to finally slide into bed by myself, close my eyes, and just relax. It was the first time since 6:45am that I had really sat still, and I could feel my pulse throughout my entire body! I mean, my head, feet, arms, everything was just in that part-throbbing part-relaxing state. It was nice to be finally laying down. So yeah. Weddings are a lot of work. No wedding for me for a long time. :-)
  3. I think that a good friend comes over to hang out with you when you need to clean your apartment, and helps you to stay motivated while you do it. While my TV does "hang out with me" when I need to clean my apartment, it does the opposite of helping me stay motived. My apartment is a mess. But I suppose I deserve a day of lounging around like a lazy bum, right? I've been eating well all day...that's a plus.
  4. I think I will be able to buy my new couch sooner than I thought. AND IKEA is having a special couch deal right now where you get an IKEA gift card worth 20% of the price of the sofa if you buy before December 22nd! (for me, that's about $80!!!)

I think I'm done thinking for now.


  1. is retail therapy for shut-ins and hermits, but you can get cookbooks, cooking DVDs, and other cooking supplies. I'm a dude and i like retail therapy in the form of DVDs, or sculpture supplies.

  2. Who are you, anonymous dude? And yes, I find myself browsing and creating wish lists (or just adding things to my cart and saving them for later) all the time!