Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My friends' band, Elevaters, is steadily rising to success. That's not the important thing though. What matters is that they are really, really great. Check them out on myspace, or on iTunes and CD Baby. Insomniac Magazine calls them "one of the best new hip hop acts right now."

LA2DAY magazine has a really great 2-part interview/article on them. Check it out!

Part One: Disciples of Light, Purveyors Of The Groove

Part Two: coming next week...


  1. i like! ben and i agree--they're a fun, original multicultural sound. y'know? very full instrumentally but organized and highly talented. how do you know these guys?

  2. I went to college with them. Ben was in my a cappella group, and Ben, Myles, David and Sam were all theater majors. :-)

  3. wow, they're awesome.
    good call. :)