Saturday, November 3, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Man, vacation was a good idea. We started down the coast to Santa Cruz, to visit my little sister and take her out to a nice lunch. She was very appreciative--and we certainly remembered what it's like to have just started college...and how nice it was to be taken out to a good meal every once in a while! We ate on the pier, and saw tons of seals. A great way to start out the trip!

We stayed at the Lighthouse Lodge (my yelp review), which turned out to be great. The photo below is of the lovely vaulted ceilings.

The main attraction of this vacation was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. So much fun. Photos below:

adorable otter

I loved these jellies!

These too...

Oh, and these...

I'm wild about otters!!!

We also ate at the amazing Passionfish restaurant (my review here). This was our big splurge meal ($100 total for the two of us), though really, considering the fact that we had a 1/2 bottle of wine, 2 salads, 2 entrees and dessert, that's really not too bad. I wish we had eaten here a second time instead of spending almost as much at Blue Moon (my review here), which I'm not even going to link to because it was so unpleasant. BUT, Blue Moon was the only unpleasant thing about the vacation. And I wish we could go back right. now. It was really fun to do a "grown-up" thing like taking a vacation. Ah, having a job :-)

Project Clean My Apartment is going pretty well. I need to do a good Swiffering and there are still things here and there that need to be put away, and there's a big load of cardboard (boxes from the couch) that need to be flattened and folded for recycling...but overall, it's ok. Hopefully it will be clean enough to take pictures of tomorrow. I'm sitting on my new couch right now, and it's just so nice!!!


  1. ryc: haha, good to know at least one xanga account was created due to sheer laziness...but did you ever think of the copy/paste function of your computer? It's all the rage in europe and asia...:-P

    and i blog wherever i feel like, which is why i have accounts on everything-I BEAT THE INTERNET! the end guy was hard.

  2. ryc? And yes, I should have copy/pasted. For all my skills, I sometimes lack in thought-processing.