Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a little listing...and linking...

This video about the creationist museum is definitely worth watching. I've read and posted about this museum before, but this video really shows it off I guess. Mildly disturbing? That's an understatement.

Jon Carroll wrote about an episode of 30 Rock that I actually saw. I really like the show, I just always forget when it's going to be on...definitely something that'll be TiVo'd when my TiVo arrives. This particular part of this particular episode was particularly funny. And I totally agree with Jon Carroll about life-as-a-musical. 100%.

Mark Morford, hippie-nut that he is, wrote a semi-funny article about Tom Cruise. I mostly like it for introducing me to the term "Tom Cruise crazy." Read the article to find out what it is. If you can't guess already.

I, too, was surprised that I know of and have read most of these bloggie blogs.

A new blog I've been reading talked about a fun project that I might adopt for one night of my new monthly craft night...

Emily linked to this article about Obama's 26 year old speech writer. What's with all these uber-successful 20-somethings??

What I am eating for lunch today (because I inadvertently skipped dinner last night and all I had for breakfast was string cheese and a cookie): salad (spinach, cucumber, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, garbanzo beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, broccoli, mushrooms, dried cranberries, green beans, red and yellow bell baby bell pepper, sprinkling of parmesean cheese, and a mix of balsamic and honey mustard dressing), one small scoop of pasta salad (it's a "yellow item" at work, but oh so good...), one small scoop of tuna salad (tuna is good for you, right?). I also grabbed a banana and two mandarin oranges, which I may be too full to eat -- good snack for later (in addition to the white cheddar soy crisps I also grabbed). I also grabbed a few samples of the desserts (chocolate/cream cheese cupcakes, triple chip cookies, and a raspberry financier, whatever that is), because it all looked so good!!! I have food on the brain (and in the tummy)!

I will be eating a small and healthy dinner tonight. :-)

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