Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We're Number 1! (and more...)

Google has once again been voted Fortune Magazine's #1 company to work for! Check out the link for more info and some fun little inside-the-company interviews and such.

And speaking of work, this picture cracks me up big time.

My work-buddy Balen sent me this video and this video. They, too, crack me up big time.

I can't believe I actually get the jokes in this video. I feel so tech-savvy. I think I've already posted about it, but oh well. It's worth posting twice.

Enjoy, and Happy Tuesday!


  1. your link to Dooce didn't work! (at least on my comp) i am just scanning your blog for all things Dooce. just kidding. but i bet you'll be happy (creeped out?) to know i read your blog almost as often. i like your blog! :)


  2. Yeah, www.dooce.com seems to be down today! How bizarre!

    PS - I'm glad you read my blog :-)

  3. I want to do a monthly craft night with you. I want to do it so bad!

  4. Yes, yes you really are number 1. I get it now. Thanks again!!! I just enjoyed my Naked pomegranate juice. :)