Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lists and Links

Call me a nut for all things homemakery, but here are a couple things I'd like to share:

Lifehacker's Top 10 Food and Drink Hacks. Things like how to close a bag of chips without a chip clip. Now what am I going to do with my collection??

Tile Tattoos. I think they might make my kitchen look too cluttered (very small, not a lot of counter/backsplash space), but they are so rad! On some cheap tile, they would even make pretty coasters.

And on a non-housey note:

Jon Carroll wrote a funny article about liberal vs. conservative media support. Made me laugh. A lot.

Mark Morford's Top 12 Top 10 lists of 2007. I really like it a lot, otherwise I wouldn't be posting it. Duh. But it's actually a really interesting list.

And Giselle Bundchen (a really hot model, apparently) posing in a water-dress. Yes, a dress made of water. I don't know how they took this photo, my guess is a lot of photoshop, but it's really cool no matter how it's done. Another picture, different pose, different "dress," same level of hotness here. And because I know you're as fascinated as I am, here's the page of Google Image Search results.

Enjoy, and Happy Wednesday!

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