Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet Me At Macworld...and more!

I was recruited (oh, ok, I volunteered) to work at the Google Schwag booth at Macworld next week. I've always thought Macworld sounded kind of ridiculous and fun, and I'm really excited to get to go. I won't get to hear the keynote or anything (you actually have to PAY to hear that), but whatever. It'll be up on YouTube soon after the event anyway. And let's be honest, I probably won't understand what half of the jargon is anyway...I'm not THAT big of a MacNerd. More like a MacLover. I digress.

Google has posted its Official Announcement about our being there, and you should really come by and check it out if you can. You can still get free admission (reminder: free doesn't get you into the keynote) and other kinds of admission (which come with cool perks) by going to this website. I will be working ALL DAY on Tuesday the 15th, so come on by and say hi! We'll have lots of cool schwag I'm sure, but we might make you earn it!

In other news, I think wall stickers are the stupidest invention ever. I mean, they're just dumb. [note: I have always had a weird OCD dislike of stickers, which may or may not affect my viewpoint of this particular style of home decor. I'm just saying is all.] I mean, come on. A giant sticker? For your WALL? It sounds to me like it would look really cheesy, and every time I see one I want to vomit (Really??? A fingerprint?? On your wall?? REALLY???! Who honestly thinks that is a good idea?). They make me sick. They're so dumb and hipster-looking, and I really just don't understand how this became trendy. Though I guess the fact that it's trendy means it's bound to be idiotic, right? And that's my honest-to-goodness opinion. Truly.

Want to see something that WON'T make you hurl? Check out these old-school ads, sent to me by the incomparable Erin (sent to her by a boy named Jon). They won't fill you with disgust, unless really funny (funny uh-oh AND funny ha-ha) things make you sick. Ok, so they're a little disturbing...but in that "oh, those people in the 1950's. what were they thinking?" sort of way. Which I happen to love.

And a Happy Thursday to you!


  1. LOL about the wall stickers. I think, in theory, they could work, but you're right: no real long-term likability potential.

  2. Oh, I think some of them are cute, actually--they're like silhouetting or block-printing for lazy people! And we all want to be lazy sometimes.

  3. You are the luckiest. I've been wanting to go for about 6 years now...

  4. I think wall stickers (decals, for those of us who are not haters of them) are actually kind of cool, mostly because they are a) easy to do and b) impermanent, so they would be good for an apartment where you can' paint walls or for someone who likes to change up their house a lot.

    In other news, how the hell did you get that macworld gig? I want in. no far.

  5. Emily, I totally see your point about not being able to paint, etc. I almost wrote that in my post but I was in too much of a tangential mode to stop and say "well, I guess in this case..."

    Anyway, the ones I linked to are mostly heinous. :-P

  6. schwaaaaaag!

    please tell me you only loathe wall stickers. because if you don't like regular stickers, i fear this friendship won't work.

  7. I've never been really fond of stickers of any kind, actually, but it's more that I don't like them on my skin/clothes than that I don't like them at all. When I was in elementary school, and the teacher would give out stickers for good behavior and such, I always had to have it put on a piece of paper. Something about the stickiness just freaked me out. To this day, I detest those "hello my name is" stickers...or any other kind of sticker that doesn't go on paper. Ick.

  8. Ok, I suppose I can sympathize with your strange repulsion to stickers. I kept my sticker collection in a paper journal anyways. We're cool.