Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A List...What Else?

So, today I happened upon, or was linked to, several interesting things. I'd like to share them. And y'all know me, a list is my favorite way to do this (yes, I know sometimes I do it in paragraphs, but um, it's still a list of paragraphs. I'm so adventurous).
  1. This video, a selection from a new documentary called Before The Music Dies. I definitely want to pay the $2.99 to see the whole thing!
  2. This article from the NY Times would be funny if it weren't real. Most of the time while reading this, I found myself sighing and shaking my head. It's so frustrating. What am I talking about? Bling in the Middle East, and Bush's experience with it.
  3. This stuff might be the solution to my sort of grimy looking kitchen floor. See post on AT for details.
  4. This is cool, even though I don't totally understand it. Now you can make your own iGoogle theme. It says that if you can build a website, you can do this. Well, I can't really build a website...but a lot of people out there can! And where did the term "Easter Egg" come from, anyway?
  5. This poem is really nice. My friend Nick posted it on his blog, at the website for his company, which you should totally check out if you have any interest in digitizing your non-digital photos/home videos (of any format!). It's really great. Yes, a friend of mine started a company.

So...check 'em out!

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