Friday, February 1, 2008

Why am I So Weird?

The backstory: Next week, Mon-Wed, I am going on a company "team building" trip to Disneyland. I won't mention all the details because it's not nice to brag, but suffice it to say that I am getting paid to go to Disneyland.

The story: I forgot to print out my flight/hotel/itinerary information at work today. My printer at home didn't work the last time I tried to use it, so it looks like I'll be copying the necessary information down, by hand. Do you know why I'm weird yet? You must not know me very well. I am weird because I am actually very excited about doing this. I am looking forward to going home and copying my flight information, shuttle instructions, BART times, etc. into a notebook or onto some lined notebook paper. I probably forgot on purpose (subconsciously) just so that I could do this. And let's be honest: if I hadn't forgotten to print them out, I probably would have recopied them anyway just so I could have it in the format that was easiest for me to read, without unnecessary information, and in my own handwriting. It's like the best combination of organizing and list-making! AND it's about Disneyland, which doesn't hurt. But yes. I am a total weirdo, and I am ok with that. I will sit on my couch, watching the HGTV and What Not To Wear episodes I've been TiVo'ing all week, meticulously making an organized list of where I need to be and when, and how I'm getting there. I just hope I have a good, fresh notebook waiting for me at home. I'm pretty sure I do.

...and then there's the packing list. This kind of fun shouldn't be legal.


  1. Kim! Thanks for you supportive post re: Huckabee girl! Guess what - I was actually at Disneyland yesterday, I just barely missed you. I can't believe you're doing a workshop there. I hope it's SNL-sketch-worthy.

  2. When I was in Europe I was practically computer-less, and completely printer-less. All of my directions, addresses, itineraries, and important information were all handwritten on sheets of paper that I tucked inside my travel journal. I loved it. I felt like an archeologist or something. How's that for weird?