Saturday, March 8, 2008

Emptying the Tabs (again)

  1. Really cool video from some Russians - they made a gigantic gmail model of sorts.
  2. I want to go see this Annie Leibovitz exhibit in San Francisco. Really.
  3. Sometimes I feel like I should be too young to identify with articles in Real Simple magazine. Eesh.
  4. This is really exciting to me. I had no idea you could do this with your gmail account, and I totally plan on using it!!!
  5. The Google Zurich office is RAD...according to these pictures, anyway. Damn, Zurich.
  6. Grad Girl (of This Writer's Wallet, a blog I subscribe to) listed me in her recent "favorite blogs" article series. I think that is really, really, really cool. I'm always shocked when I get a comment from someone I don't know, and most of the non-friend-readers have found me through blogs like hers, or An English Major's Money. I've even noticed myself in the "favorite blogs" sections of some of these *random* comments! So cool! Totally blogalicious! (go ahead, Jessie, love that word. I know you will. And, um, if you could incorporate it into an episode of The Soup, and give me a shout out, I would feel even cooler. Just kidding. About the request, not about feeling cooler. Cause I totally would.)

On side note, the two PF (that's Personal Finance) blogs I just mentioned both have really nifty little sidebar-progress-things that track the progress of various savings accounts. I really like them, and have been wanting to make one of my own for a long time and haven't gotten around to it. How do you do yours, and how can I do one? And how do you update it? And is it ridiculously easy? Should I make one of my engineers do it for me? Can I be a big girl and do it on my own? Speaking of doing things on my own...I really need to do my taxes already!


  1. I always love checking out the stuff on your site, always have!

    As far as the sidebars, here's the quickest way for me to explain it:

    Copy my code (like from the Page Source button under View up top) and replace my stats with yours.

    If you have any specific questions after that, let me know!

  2. Yeah...the question do I sort through the source code to figure out what to copy? Where/how did you make yours? I'd like to just create one from scratch...but like, without using code.

    You would never know that I work in the engineering department.

  3. You just sort of...look through it and find what looks right. All the sidebar stuff is together in the source code, so if you're seeing stuff like my little blurb, or my archives, you're in the right place. It's pretty close to the end of the code. You could maybe do a "find" for the numbers? Then you can play around with things like height, width, colors--it's pretty self-explanatory once you start looking through the code. Except for the part that I find baffling and just don't touch.

    Once you copy it, you can play around with it and see what works/doesn't work for you--GG and I have them formatted somewhat differently, so you might want to start with the one that fits your purposes best and fiddle from there.

  4. I blog your blog! And I blog to blog. Blogalicious. I blog you.
    P.s. I'll yell your name during the next Soup taping so technically, you will be on the Soup.

  5. mad props on your famous blog. you are a blogging super star!!

  6. Saw the Leibovitz exhibit this past fall when it was in DC. Unless it's better curated than it was in San Fran be prepared to spend a lot of time as the photographs are in no discernible order. There's an interesting dichotomy, though, between her photos of "celebrities" and of her own family. Worth seeing for that if nothing else.