Monday, March 10, 2008

A Mighty, Mighty Weekend

Even though Sunday was the accursed "bad" daylight savings time change, I managed to have a very productive weekend. Very. Now, because I'm not a huge fan of the "here's a detailed play-by-play of what I did every minute of the day" type blogs, I won't bore you with the details. Instead, I will provide a list of the highlights (with short descriptions, because I mean really? Sometimes you need a little extra.), so that you may celebrate with me a weekend of productivity.

*Shopping. I elaborated on this adventure in an earlier post, but I just want to reiterate the existential complexity of this activity. I brought all of my clothes with the intention to try them all on again to make sure they look as good at home as they did in the dressing room (am I the only one who feels sort of pressured when trying things on in the store?). I can think of one or two things that might end up getting returned...but we'll see. Dana was incredibly helpful when I tried stuff on at the store, but I feel like I need more guidance/opinions now that I've brought the clothes home. The Boy is usually good at this, though he may need to be bribed with cookies.

*Organizing. I got a new hamper this weekend. I had been wanting the kind that has separate bins (aka a sorter, not a hamper, apparently. who knew?) for a while, and I thought it might be time to replace the big basket-style one with the broken handles I've had since my freshman year of college (it is now up on the shelf in the closet, storing ski pants and painting clothes -- basically, things I don't use very often). The only problem? The new sorter is longer than the old hamper, and doesn't quite fit in the space where the old one was (I know, right? The terror!!!), so I had to do a little closet-rearranging. This was a multi-step process, that has left me with my empty hanging rod sort of hanging on top of the sorter until I figure out what to do with it. BUT WAIT!!! What about the clothes that were hanging on the rod? I know, that is the question on all of your minds. Here, my friends, is where it gets good.

I had been wanting to get all of my thick sweaters off of hangers (where they had been folded over the hangers so as not to get the little shoulder pucker that results from using cheap plastic hangers...taking up a lot of room) and into drawers for a while, but could not, due to the lack of drawer space. This new closet situation provided the impetus to do a big purging of Things I Don't Wear But Have For Some Reason Been Keeping. I gained the ENTIRE bottom drawer of my dresser, as well as the entire top drawer (when I bought one of these to go in the closet, where the old hamper used to be, and filled it with pajamas), which now house all of the Tshirts and camisoles that were unnecessarily hanging in the closet, as well as the bulky (and non-bulky) sweaters. It was like magic, I swear. I am still having problems with the bottoms of the drawers "sagging," but it's a cheap IKEA dresser. I don't know what I expected.

So yes. Organization Has Happened. I was going to take pictures and post them, but my poor computer had a delightful hard drive failure (the Apple Genius described it as such: "The computer can't find itself.") and I couldn't upload pictures. Maybe, if I still think it's interesting, I'll post a visual later in the week. Maybe not.

*Headboard. I purchased a headboard this weekend. I'd been wanting one for a while, sort of window (online) shopping around to see what was out there. I ended up with this one, which wasn't totally what I was looking for, but ended up working very nicely. Thank you, Craigslist!

*Cleaning. This did not happen. Maybe tonight.

On a side note, I think this might be the solution to my toilet paper "problem" (not so much a "problem" as an "inconvenience"). I currently keep a spare roll of tp sitting on top of the toilet seat, but I always knock it over (one day, it will end up IN the toilet, I'm sure of it), or forget to replace it (maybe if I had a real place for it I would remember?). Plus, this thing is pretty and would hold a magazine/catalogue. And I like it. Now I just have to measure to see if it would fit/make the bathroom look too cluttered. [note: why does the dictionary recognize "catalog" but not "catalogue" -- is it because I'm spelling it in the "british" way? stupid. "catalog" looks unfinished.]

And that's all that's fit to print, and some that's not.

PS - I got a shout out in Apartment Therapy. Go me. Check it out...let me know if you have any solutions to my burnt-pot-problem!

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