Friday, April 18, 2008

Dashing off...

I'm about to dash off to LA for Passover, but I wanted to empty out the tabs in my browser before I get on the plane. There are just too many.

This post is dedicated to Jennifer, because today she told me that she likes when I do this. Yeah! Validation! Really, folks, I do this for you. (No, I do it for me. But I like when you like it.)

And here goes:
  • Mary Roach came to speak at work today about her new book, Bonk. I'm really excited to read it. Here are some articles from the New York Times, NPR, and The SF Chronicle about her and the book.
  • Dooce (aka Heather Armstrong) was written up in the Wall Street Journal. It's actually a pretty concise article about what she does and how she does it, though you can't really get the full scope of the awesomeness that is her website until you read it yourself. I haven't watched this TV interview yet, but she wrote about it, and it looks like fun.
  • Today marks the 102nd anniversary of the Great San Francisco Quake - and this guy Herbert Hamrol is the last survivor, at age 105. The lovely Sara posted this interview with him today. (thanks, Sara!)
  • Emily has a rather magnificent talent for posting things that I'm really interested in. Like this photo album of food.
  • I'm a big fan of archiving my are some reasons why you should, from the Gmail team.

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