Thursday, April 17, 2008

Post 200!

I don't have anything extra-special or grand for post #200, but I do want to quote Leah Garchik's recent column, because it is just too funny not to share - especially with Passover looming, which naturally means I'm thinking of more Jewish things.

"Merry Passover: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports from Rome (via Lynn Dunlop) that Pope Benedict XVI is partial to a Jewish almond-and-raisin pastry bought for him by his Jewish physician. Meanwhile, Tory Norwood helped celebrate her mother's 80th birthday with dinner at Eccolo in Berkeley. One dish on the menu was 'artichokes fried in the style of the Roman Jews,' prompting Norwood's mother to blurt out, 'How can people be so cruel?'"

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