Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jessie Gaskell Wins "Best Person Ever" Award*!

So, you know that series Dorm Life that my friend Jessie writes for/acts in with some of my other friends? Because I have some damn cool friends back in LA? (thank god for the internets!)

Anyway-ay-ay, the UCLA Marching Band (The Boy can insert his comment here about how Cal is better than UCLA) played the Dorm Life theme song during the Final Four game!!! HOW COOL IS THAT? Oh yeah, so cool it deserves all caps. Yeah!!! Check it out (17 seconds long).

UCLA Band Plays Dorm Life Theme at Final Four! - video powered by Metacafe

And in the spirit of Jessie Gaskell being the Best Person Ever, you should go to her blog often and always, but especially you should go right now and read this post about all the fabulous things that are happening, including the Webbies for which Dorm Life received honors. Did I mention that they were up against things that were written by the likes of HBO, ABC and The Onion? No? Well Jessie mentioned it, and more. So go here and read!

*Note: The "Best Person Ever" Award is not an "actual" award. I just made it up.

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