Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lucky (the) Dog!

Today at work, we celebrated a very momentous occasion: The 1st Birthday of a one Mr. Lucky T. Dog (he goes by "Lucky," so I might just be making up the rest. so sue me. no, please don't sue me). It was also the 1-year anniversary (or "Google-versary") of Lucky's owner Eugene (he's worked at the Goog for 1 year), so the celebration was doubly exciting. The party was held in the Building 42 Tech Stop, where Lucky's papa works (he's one of our tech-geniuses: these guys fix my computer/blackberry/life all the time). Lucky dressed up for the occasion, and we feasted on a magnificent cupcake display during this casual but still fabulous festival of merriment.
Lucky in his non-birthday sweater. This is pre-party, though he looks pretty wiped out already!

Lucky and his soccer-themed cupcake extravaganza.
No, he didn't actually eat cupcakes...not for lack of trying though!
Please note the tuxedo.

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