Thursday, April 17, 2008


All of a sudden, I am up to 198 blog posts. I believe this will be #199. When the heck did THAT happen???

Anyway, here are some things of great (or not) interest:
  • Thanks to Elon, for posting this BBC article about those email "please help and receive 1 bajillion dollars" scams. Very interesting. I'd kind of like to be a part of an email-based sting operation like this.
  • My friend Grant's dog won Pet of the Month at their vet (in England. Ooooh). Awwww. Check out Strider!
  • Send Bethany Grundle to the Democratic Convention!!! She's the truthiest faux-13-year old reporter out there! Just create a login name and vote (up to 15 times a day!). Goooo Bethany! (I mean Jessie) (I mean Bethany) (I mean) Oh, and you can do all your 15 times at once, so you don't even have to come back to the site 15 times! Just click away!
  • Do you want to see some CRAZY Chinese dancers and acrobats performing a ridiculously impressive bit from Swan Lake? Holy crap, it's so crazy. Click here.
  • OMG, pygmy hedgehogs. Oh. My. God. Unnatural, maybe. Totally frickin' adorable? Yes.


  1. I think "THAT" happened when I was away from your blog this week. Holy cow, I have a billion fun posts to catch up. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Thank you Kim! And Bethany says "TYVM! LOL." That hedgehog has my heart.

  3. OMG what IS that adorable little creature?! A pygmy hedgehog? So ridiculous, I'll take two!

  4. that swan lake is too good. you know, you think you've done something interesting, you think you're exceptional in some way...then those kids just show up and outdo everything you could ever possibly do in your entire existence.

    Except the scenic. that projection was hella tacky, and the blue wash lighting was so trite as to be insulting to the performers. So There.

    Argh, somehow i've messed up my computer and every time i type a letter it dings. Its driving me insane.

    Warm regards.