Sunday, May 11, 2008

About Clothes.

I did laundry the other day (see suitcase full of clothes - this is how I bring my laundry to work...via suitcase), and noticed that there is a slightly disturbing trend in the colors of my clothes. That's an awful lot of blue/green over there, wouldn't you say? And that's shirts from approximately 2 weeks. Minus the white-with-grey-stripes, and the off-white-with-green-leaves shirts, which honestly still fit into this category. Oh, and there was one pink shirt.

Seriously, I need to be a little more exciting with my clothing. I bought some new shirts today (oh, H&M, with your mysteriously sized shirts that make girls feel bigger than they are), and I'm thinking that will help my cause. My cause being "don't be boring." The cause also includes "wear shirts that fit," which means I might be getting rid of some of the "babydoll" style shirts whose empire seam does not fall below my bustline. Stacy and Clinton would be very disappointed.

Anyway, I hope my new clothes don't fall into the "buy it, take it home, then return it because it doesn't look as good out of the poorly-lit dressing room" category. Wish me luck!

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