Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Me On The Internets!

So, recently I played host to Jon Carroll and Leah Garchik as part of the Authors@Google program. It was really, really fun for me, because I am a big fan of both of them, and I basically got to walk them around campus and introduce them before they spoke to a gaggle of interested Googlers. Gaggle of Googlers. Tee. Hee. Hee. You can watch the video here (note to self: never wear white fuzzy sweaters on camera. They turn you into a marshmallow. Also, stand up straight!!!), and while it says it was added on 01/05/08, it was added on May 1st. European date formatting or something.

Anyhoo, Jon was lovely enough to write up a review/column of his visit here, and as usual, it does not fail to entertain. And he even called me "kindly Kim," which may become my new moniker. Maybe not. He also called me "charming" in an email, which just made me ecstatic, because I am that much of a big dork. Tee hee, I am charming and kindly.

He also wrote a piece recently about going to a charity event in Ross, which I swear I thought was about a charity event in the cheap store and not in a wealthy community until I read it. Who knew there was a rich-people-place called Ross? Not this recent college graduate, that's for sure. Though I suppose that if the event was at the store, he would have sad "at Ross" and not "in Ross."


  1. you don't look like a marshmallow. you did a very good job. mic issues! Gah! what neat people.

  2. what a kindly charming introduction! i think you look cute on camera.

  3. Ben suggested that you start lobbying for a Google sailboat. like a big one. and i can apply to work as a deckhand on the S/V Googleplex. that would Rock.

  4. A Google sailboat! Wonderful. I have been trying to talk everyone who will listen into hosting a sailing offsite so I can finally learn to sail. Then I'll have something to talk about with the rich people in (not at) Ross.