Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sharing is Caring

Because I'm such a giver, I've decided to start Sharing. You can see everything I'm Sharing by going to this pretty website (thanks, Google Reader). I chose the "sea" theme. I love choosing themes. I can also rock a theme: theme parties, theme meetings, you name it. Give me a theme, and I will let loose.

But I digress.

I am a Giver (no, not that kind of Giver). I am now officially Sharing, which is basically what this blog is all about anyway, me posting random things that I've found or thought about from all over the internets so that you can be amused at work instead of falling asleep at your desk, but now I'm doing it in an Official Way. See, Google Reader has this Sharing thing (I'm saying Sharing an awful lot), where your Friends (people from your gmail contacts who use Google Reader) can see selected posts that you have elected to Share. I had never Shared before; I had just read things that Emily and Nick had Shared with me. Now, I will Share my own items (well, not items that belong to me, but items - I mean posts from the internets - that I like). And like I said, you can find my Shared things here. If you use Google Reader, or any other Feed Reader Program Thingy, you can subscribe to my Shared Things page (yes, I've linked to it three times now). AND, because I am just so kind and into the Sharing, I also put a pretty little pink box in my left-hand sidebar (go look! now!), and it will include the most recent of my Shared Items.

Apparently, you can also Share with Notes. Or just share a Note on its own. Google is just craziness over in the Internet Department. Or Department of Internets.

Now, I will probably still post all sorts of blogs with titles like "oh, look! it's a list!" and "a long list of things because I am so creative" and things of that nature. But this Sharing thing from Google Reader is just so convenient, all I have to do is click a little "share" button when I'm done reading something and it automatically shares it with you! I don't have to copy and paste and deal with links and all that. Like I said, it is likely that I will still post link-filled lists all the time; but that will be reserved for Special things to Share. Maybe.

We'll see how this all turns out, but for now, subscribe to my Page O' Sharing!

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