Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Analytics Update, and a love letter to Google...

I'm sure it is fairly obvious, but I am kind of in love with Google products. I use them for just about everything, and I love that they are all synced to my one Google Account (aka gmail address). I use Blogger to write this lovely blog, Gmail to receive and send (from multiple accounts, all in the same inbox!), Google Maps and Google Earth to do everything from checking out new neighborhoods to getting directions to planning a trip (I heart MyMaps!). I use Google Reader to keep track of my blog subscriptions, and I use PicasaWeb to organize my photos (sorry Flickr, but you will probably be phased out in the near future - Picasa lets me put slideshows on my blog so easily!). I use Google Docs & Spreadsheets to keep track of monthly expenses and to collaborate on crazy projects with friends. I keep track of my friends' videos with my YouTube subscriptions, and I use Google Groups to organize the Awaken A Cappella Alumni, as well as my monthly craft group. And seriously, that's not even all of the products I use...I just started to feel a little bit like a walking advertisement.

Anyway, I use Google Analytics to keep track of traffic on my blog, which leads me to today's post. Just check out the map below if you don't think I'm awesome. Because come on - we all know I am. Just kidding. But seriously, in the last month, I had readers in Iceland, Spain, Croatia, Iran, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Mongolia...and 11 in Poland! And more! In the last month, I have had readers represented in 35 countries! Even if they were mistakes (55% of visitors have only visited once), it's pretty cool. Not to discount my awesome US readers, cause let's be honest, you're probably the ones who are consistently reading (hi, mom), but I love that my little silly blog is reaching people out there in countries I've never been to, even if you came here by accident, thinking you'd get some insightful information. I'm sorry if you were disappointed, but I hope you were entertained. At least a little. So thank you all for reading my somewhat erratic posts and making me feel just a little bit cooler than I really am.

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